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IMG_4164bg, originally uploaded by banditosanalogos.

we (E.T. , CAVOUR, and TOKYORK ) went out last night to put up some works in the 7th district of budapest, which used to be the jewish ghetto during the nazi era. unfortunately some of the works we put up were taken down by today morning by someone. its a shame, it would have been nice to see it last a bit, and encourage others to take action, and exhibit in the streets. oh well, i guess we just have to keep on doing this, until the we win this cat and mouse game 🙂 hope you like the pics its CAVOURS work, check out his flickr for all of them! tkyrk

tkyrk bunny

space invaders by E.T.

geisha by CAVOUR

monster by tkyrk

losbanditosgeisha, originally uploaded by banditosanalogos.

this is the geisha by cavour

tokyork & cavour, originally uploaded by tokyork <<<.

Our first posters are up! We went out tonight and put them up in the university district of budapest. It took us about ten minutes, and nobody really cared, although we got a few curious looks 🙂 So this is the beginning of a beautiful project, and we are expecting quite a few people to join in on it and exhibit their analogue photography with us on the streets. Cavour’s kite pic came out looking much better cause he posterised it before printing, while the tokyork pic shows lines from the printing process, so the lesson learned is that you have to posterise the pic to make sure its printed in small dots, and looks pretty 🙂